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Kind words from guests

  • Thank you so much for 3 Blissful Days in Blissland. Heartfelt gratitude to Dawn and Lionel for what you are creating… read more

  • It provides the perfect setting for deep, profound, sacred healing work on every level… read more

  • A true heart space with all the elements and all good stuff. Lots of love and fun… read more

  • I’ve had the most lovely relaxing energising and interesting day here in Blissland. Such lovely, welcoming people… read more

  • What a wonderful day Prajna has given us and what beautiful surroundings… read more

  • My Experience? Expanse of natural paradise, Embraced with strength and purity… read more


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Take all of your senses for a walk around Blissland and there’s no knowing where they may lead you. Blissland sits in the hills looking out across the beautiful Cheshire plains and beyond.

A Deeper Connection

We are here to help you find a path to a deeper connection with yourself, those you love and the beauty of nature. Let your instinctive, intuitive, innocence be your guide to enlightenment. Be inspired and energized, take the opportunity to relax and restore life’s energy.


If you’re interested in personal development, our unique classes give people an opportunity to better understand themselves and others – helping improve health, wealth, and happiness.

We’re so excited that you’re considering coming to Blissland and attending one of our classes where you will have the opportunity to Awaken, Attract, or Arouse bliss.

We offer FREE activities that you can complete right here on our website to help you to learn about yourself and get the most out of any of the classes.

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Events at Blissland

Blissland translates to the ‘Land of Bliss’ a place to empower happiness. Taking a unique approach to complete personal fulfillment, Blissland transcends the training experience to deliver empowered learning that aims to develop personal liberation.

Open Your Heart

Open your heart, rest your mind, nurture your body and engage your spirit. Connect with the power and wonder within, learn how to enjoy and enhance a relationship with yourself and others.

Come to Blissland to explore, discover, experience and learn.

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Physical Self

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Spiritual Self

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