Excited to meet you

We hope we can inspire and greet you in person at some point. We would like you to tour Blissland website and get a feel for us and what we are able to offer. We have worked hard to create something very special and we hope you will be able to see, hear and feel that through our website.

Our Story

We manifested a blissful life in 2011 and we were guided by universal messages to offer our learnings to you.
We want you to experience the ecstatic joy and happiness we have found by combining Eastern Philosophy, Western Science and Ancient Wisdom with family cultures. We realise that we have a special message to give you and hope you will take the opportunity to meet us in person to find your own Blissful Life.

Group CBT therapy cognitive behaviour Cheshire

Dawn Cox

Group CBT therapy cognitive behaviour Cheshire

Lionel Cox

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Explore Blissland

The holistic healing traditions of Asia are well represented at Blissland. With the Taoist culture come together to create a powerful synergistic healing force.

Take the Tour

Teachings and facilities at Blissland are bound together by a welcoming community spirit and supported by the invigorating energies of nature, art and ancient wisdom. More than a unique place to learn, Blissland is an inspiration world of self-discovery.

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Trilogy Of Blissful Living

Our philosophy is based around the three pillars we call The Trilogy of Blissful Living. Essentially we believe that without Emotional Harmony we are unable to have Physical Health and both of these are needed in equal balance with Spiritual Happiness to create Ecstatic Joy and Happiness.

Our hope is to teach as many people as possible to find this Joy for themselves.


Connect with a diversity of people, healers, teachers, hosts and guests.


Connect with your higher self, with nature and with the universal energies.


Find your passion and reveal your true spiritual purpose at our sanctuary.

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Classes for Empowerment

We’re so excited that you’re considering coming to Blissland and attending one of our classes where you will have the opportunity to Awaken, Attract, or Arouse bliss.

Workshops & Events