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“I consider myself an incredibly lucky person. I am in love, I have had a successful business career, been blessed with two beautiful daughters and I have a wonderful family, all of which I am incredibly grateful for. However – not everyone is quite so lucky. Over the last decade

I have been on a journey that has led me as far afield as Nepal – working with orphans and homeless people in Asia, but also experiencing the poverty and despair that we have here on our streets and in homes in the UK. The time has come for me to give something back. Together Lionel and I want to change the future of our world for the sake of our grandchildren and our grandchildren’s children”

Dawn is a dreamer and visionary who is the eternal optimist. She constantly helps to create a better world for us all to live in. Dawn’s infectious enthusiasm is experienced by all she meets. Her storytelling is renowned, as is sharing her passion for health, harmony and happiness.Dawn has inspired millions with her clear understanding of elemental and earth energies.

Author, speaker, pioneer

Dawn was awarded Pioneer of the Life of our Nation by HRH The Queen for her role in Transforming British Manufacturing and Construction Industry, Secret Millionaire, Teacher Author, Public Speaker and co-founder of a business that transforms lives through delivering Bliss Mastery Classes.

Dawn traveled all around the world delivering Business Leadership Mastery Classes, now her focus now is Bliss…and teaching all the Mastery of Bliss.

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