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Lionel is a renowned international property investor and entrepreneur.

After a revaluation of his life in his late forties he changed his lifestyle to help people get the most from their relationships instead of the most from their business. Since his teenage years he has meditated and followed principles of Sacred Harmony to create his highest desires.

Using the techniques he has acquired he continues to stand out from the crowd in looks, deed and spirit. As the advocate of Blissful Living, Lionel has founded his spiritual home in Blissland as it feeds his passion for nature, his lion-man instincts and his love for Dawn.

Master Of Mae Li

Rejected Reverend Lionel Palatine-Cox is a master of Mae Li having attuned to this type of trance yoga for over 40 years. He now teaches this system of Spiritual Awakening techniques on a one to one basis to create an invigorating, healing, multi-faceted practice to bring about Blissful Living.

He says ‘Unwilling to become a spiritually egotistical bigot, I reverted back to my own learning and found a renewed sacred harmony through the simple yet powerful techniques to control and use kundalini energy to bring about my highest desires. I am now happy to teach this to any student willing to learn”.

Classes are available at three scheduled times each morning. Booking is by direct communication only on 07850 426 234 and cost £45 per session of approximately one hour. You can use the form below to book Lionel for a consultation or session.

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