Are you truly happy? Do you live in bliss?

Join us on 8th January 2017 at Blissland

This course is designed to give you the space and opportunity to open up to real happiness and find true bliss in your life. This Blissful Living class will help you to nurture yourself to create space within your own mind and heart to be blessed with bliss. Helping your highest happiness to enter your life will enable you to enjoy beautiful, loving and harmonious relationships everywhere. We’re running this event on 8th January, 11th Feb and on 11th March 2017.

At this workshop you will spend a full day discovering your inner beliefs, including your personal Love Zone and look at self empowerment. You will connect to enhancing techniques for you and your home and relationships, learning more about clearing both physical and emotional clutter.

Then you will receive guidance of how to develop emotional healing, concluding with learning the benefits of sacred connection and bliss mastery. This 1 Day Blissful Living workshop is a unique fusion of Eastern and Western approaches that enhance Love and bring balance to your life.

Come along and transform your life journey!

Price £155 including lunch and refreshments.

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Testimonials from past attendees

“I can honestly say that this workshop has changed my life and health beyond recognition”

“Love – I have accepted myself just the way that I am.. its me… and I am happy being me, with all my perfect imperfections. Even more so the man of my dreams – the one I have waited 28 years for is here to stay!”

“I cannot begin to describe how it has changed my life! From learning to love and accept myself to clearing the clutter from my life and house to losing weight… it all started with this course!!”