Ready to Live a Happier, Blissful Life?

Learn how to live happier, and develop a mindset to empower change and get the life you deserve.

1-Day Awakening Bliss Class – Who’s it for?

1-Day Awakening Bliss Class is for those wishing to create a positive mindset, overcome confidence and anxiety issues, and those cluttered thoughts that are holding your life back.


  • Identify emotions and fears holding you back.
  • Empower yourself to clear emotional and physical blockages
    • Take positive action to boost your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Essential ingredients for being happy and nurturing meaningful relationships

Here’s what you’ll learn

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Learn how to bring simplicity and clarity to your thoughts, change your perceptions and motivate yourself to the next level.

Discover And Resolve Your Emotional Blockages

Emotional blockages is a sign of too much on your mind, scattered thoughts that need action, weigh you down, drain your energy and sneakily work against you flourishing.

Discover proven strategies on how to let go of the emotional thoughts and fears that distress and paralyse you, so you can start planning and taking action towards things that you really want.

Discover And Finally Sort Out Your Physical Clutter

Physical clutter represents the past and has no place in your future. Scientists find physical clutter and unorganised living negatively affects your ability to focus and process information.

Discover effective ways to sort, simplify and clear out what does not serve you today, let go of insignificant items to bring a balance to your environment and serenity into your life.

Discover And Grow The ‘Love Zone’ In Your Home

Your home should be a sanctuary of harmony, a peaceful place to unwind and bring clarity to your thoughts and nurture loving relationships.

Discover how to strengthen or establish a loving relationship with our ‘Happy Home’ techniques – influenced by Feng Shui. You will learn how to attract positive energy and balance, with emphasis on building a relationship area or ‘Love Zone’ that can be used as a special place to awaken understanding, mutual respect and rekindle love.

Join like-minded people who are interested in personal development and the pursuit of happiness to push your boundaries of potential.

Connect And Make Friends With Like-Minded People

Life’s biggest lessons, opportunities, and gifts are found in your connections with others. Blissland’s tranquil and confidential surroundings make it the perfect place to make new friends and meet like-minded people as we work together to discuss and find answers to improve the quality of our lives.

Connect And Experience Emotional Healing

Nothing causes more emotional distress than our thoughts. We experience emotional distress in all sorts of ways, as sadness, anxiety, addictions, unproductive obsessions, unwanted compulsions, repetitive self-sabotaging behaviours, physical ailments, boredom, and all sorts of angry and agitated moods.

Discover powerful techniques which will help to relieve your distresses and negative energy influences and allow you to live the life you were born to live.

Live the life you were born to live.

Free Yourself to Be Physically Healthy

Blissland classes are renowned for sewing seeds of physical heath. You will learn techniques that can bring about physical change with minimum effort.

Free Yourself to Feel Emotional Harmony

Blissland classes teach the cultivation of emotional harmony using proven methods that bring together Eastern philosophies and Western science.

Free Yourself to Experience Happiness

Blissland is known for harvesting happiness. It is the heart of personal liberation that will free you to be the best version of you, you can possibly be.

A Venue Like No Other

Blissland sits in the hills looking out across the tranquil Cheshire plains. Explore our meditation pods and Eastern influenced gardens and there’s no telling where your imagination may take you!

Authentic Testimonials

Blissful Living Workshop changes lives. It can change your life too!

Your Workshop Mentors

Blissland was co-founded in 2011, by D.r Dawn Gibbins-Cox MBE MBA and Lionel Palatine-Cox to help those with journeys of self-discovery, find clarity, fully respect themselves and become open to love.

Dr Dawn Gibbins-Cox MBE MBA

Dawn was awarded Pioneer of the Life of our Nation by HRH The Queen for her role in Transforming British Manufacturing and Construction Industry. She is also a Secret Millionaire, Teacher Author, Public Speaker and co-founder of Blissland.

For 30 years Dawn traveled around the world delivering Business Leadership Mastery Classes, now her focus now is educating people in the Mastery of Bliss. Dawn inspires millions with her clear understanding of elemental and earth energies.

Lionel Palatine-Cox, Expert in Business & Life Harmony

Lionel has spent many years running successful businesses and helping people help themselves. Lionel is well-respected for helping others find the answers to fundamental questions and implement practical solutions.

As an advocate of spiritual happiness and life harmony, Lionel has found that Blissland is the place that feeds his passion for nature, his Lion man instincts and the love for his wife, Dawn.

Creating Your Blissful Future Starts Here

There’s one thing that’s 100% certain – when we are willing to start changing ourselves from within, we WILL alter our external results. That’s the key – you must actually start. You must take action. One million self-help books and YouTube videos will do NOTHING for you if you don’t take action.