Building Friendships

A sense of community is so important. You can find so much satisfaction by getting involved with community projects, doing charity work and even by acknowledging and getting to know your neighbors. A simple smile at a stranger can open new doors and start new beginnings.

Bringing the vibration of humanity to a higher level of being is a worthy target to be enhanced through the Blissland beacon of Light. We host regular meetings bringing people together create a real festival celebrating all aspects of life.

Online and at events

When you attend one of the events here at Blissland, you’ll get the chance to meet a lot of amazing, like-minded people. Build friendships and make new memories with exciting, fun and friendly individuals.

We have recently launched a new members forum, where you can register to get involved in discussions, learn nrew things, share your experiences and help other people. It’s free and easy to use… what are you waiting for?

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