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True healing comes from acceptance, not resistance. That is why we take a refreshingly liberating approach to empowering life here in Blissland. With the absence of strict controls and rigid rules, you are able to naturally let go and open up. What you do and how much or little you do of it, is entirely your choice.

Empowering Healing is the guiding principle behind every facet of your experience: and experience that aims for optimal physical health and spiritual happiness. Blissland sows the seeds of physical health.

Blissland provides a seamless experience, with no boundaries so you can encounter inspiration beyond your training.

Here at Blissland, we swear by vegan, health-conscious nutritious natural food, and we provide amazing food at our events during lunch time.

Support, advice and inspiration are always on offer, but it is your innate wisdom that guides your experience. While many visitors come with a purpose or goal in mind, neither are pre-requisite. We remain flexible to your needs. Come and learn about healthy lifestyle choices and connect with other like-minded people in our forums.

We incorporate many physical activities into our daily lifestyle. Morning yoga and meditation is a must, and we love to go out on walks to learn, and to have fun with rituals and ceremonies.

If you’d like to get involved, there’s always something going on here at Blissland. Take a look at our blog for news on events and activities.

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