Finding your passion

For many the Fast track , ASAP world in which we live has disconnected us from each other, our own true and divine sense of self and the perfect simplicity of being present in our lives. At Blissland, being reconnected can be sublimely life changing experience.

The Blissland lifestyle is relaxed, informal, passionate and heart. Pretense is lacking and acceptance and authentically abound. The teachings and facilities at Blissland are bound together by a welcoming community spirit and supported by the invigorating energies of nature, art and ancient wisdom.

Fuel For The Soul

Blissland, England’s inspiring spirit nurturing retreat, boldly introduces you to a new style of learning to empower your life. Our approach is a synergy of empowering teaching modalities from East and West, a sublimely beautiful natural environment. Inspiration is abundant and magic moments.

Not an image that can be painted with words: More than a training center Blissland takes you on a joyful inward journey to health, harmony, happiness and fulfillment… a journey that continues even after you leave.

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