Personal Development Masterclass

Group CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) to improve your health, wealth & relationships with a chance to meet real angel investors!

Group CBT therapy cognitive behaviour Cheshire

Join Channel 4′s ‘Secret Millionaire’ Dr Dawn Gibbins-Cox MBE at Blissland, Cheshire

Tools For Self Empowerment

Join Dawn & Lionel for a unique group CBT therapy event at their countryside retreat ‘Blissland‘, situated in the historic market town of Congleton, Cheshire.

Blissland – inspired by Asian culture and feng shui principles, has beautiful expansive gardens and a peaceful vibe, making it perfect for intimate limited-ticket events such as this Blissful Living masterclass.

Your hosts for the day will share interesting stories and impart knowledge based on personal experience and ancient wisdom, whilst working through a specially-designed personal development course.

Dawn and Lionel will take you on a truly introspective journey, helping you to gain a fresh perspective on life, and achieve a state of true bliss!

T he course was intense but done with such fun and laughter, course members so friendly… read more


Just being here opens the heart and the mind and that’s why it intensifies any learning people come to do here… read more


Gorgeous peaceful place to run a workshop, I absolutely loved my day here in Blissland. Thank you for having me. read more


Group CBT Therapy transforms lives

During this one-day workshop, you’ll complete tasks both alone, and with other guests using our guidebook – as it presents interesting facts, sets fascinating tests and poses impertinent questions.

Working individually and with a partner, you’ll be able to highlight any emotional or physical problems that you may be consciously (or subconsciously) facing, which ultimately hold you back.

Using our enhanced techniques, you’ll learn how to deal with these issues and set clear goals for a stress-free, positive fulfilled and happy life.

The Blissful Living masterclass is also an excellent way to forge new relationships and network. Meet new friends, connect with like-minded souls and enjoy a fantastic vegan buffet during the lunchtime break – with a wide range of hot and cold non-alcoholic drinks provided throughout the day.

Group CBT therapy cognitive behaviour Cheshire
Meet Dawn’s husband Lionel Palatine-Cox ‘Master of Mae Li’, entrepreneur and property tycoon

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