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Kind words of grattitude

Thank you so much for 3 Blissful Days in Blissland. Heartfelt gratitude to Dawn and Lionel for what you are creating… read more


It provides the perfect setting for deep, profound, sacred healing work on every level… read more


A true heart space with all the elements and all good stuff. Lots of love and fun… read more


I’ve had the most lovely relaxing energising and interesting day here in Blissland. Such lovely, welcoming people… read more


What a wonderful day Prajna has given us and what beautiful surroundings… read more


My Experience? Expanse of natural paradise, Embraced with strength and purity… read more


Gorgeous peaceful place to run a workshop, I absolutely loved my day here in Blissland. Thank you for having me. read more


Just being here opens the heart and the mind and that’s why it intensifies any learning people come to do here… read more


T he course was intense but done with such fun and laughter, course members so friendly… read more