A sanctuary for blissful living

Inspired by passion and created with insightful vision, Blissland is an expression of two people’s life experiences and their desire to serve and inspire others. The story of Blissland began in 2012 in the far jungles of the Indonesian island of Bali, when Blisslands founders Lionel and Dawn fell in Love.

The idea for Blissland was inspired by the 20 years Dawn spent devoted to a life of service and spiritual studies in eastern philosophies and Lionel’s 40 years in the study and practice of eastern healing and spiritual traditions, including his background as a practitioner of Mae Li chakra balancing technique.


On first entering Blissland you will feel the calming sacred energy that this unique venue has become a beacon for. Drive through and park in Shiva’s arena. On first steps you will notice the views and feel the presence of greater powers.

Breathe in nature and as you walk towards the glass fronted entrance of the Dream Catcher Barn you will be aware of the hillside labyrinth on your left and will be crossing on the most powerful earth leylines in the country. Turning right in front of the triple domes you will hear the rustling of water from the Yin and Yang waterfalls within the Love Pond on your right.

Feng Shui Symmetry

The mature gardens in front of you are laid out with perfect Feng Shui symmetry. You will be welcomed by a far reaching view towards the Welsh Mountains and the Irish Sea. The sky can often show itself as a wonderful tapestry of colour and vibrancy, especially at sunset.

On the lower lawn is placed one of the largest spirit houses in Blissland, whose presence you can feel from the Barn itself. Enter the Barn via the steps and you are sure to be greeted with a warm welcome. On further exploration to the south of the Barn is the 10 tonne Bridestone Bali Boulder, which depicts our connection with the East. Behind this is the entrance to the Tara Temple where a miraculous happening has been experienced. Right of the boulder is the Garnesh Spirit House which brings abundance to those who fully connect.

Taking the path from here through the weeping willow will lead you to the Anne Rose Garden and the sacred Well in the higher hillside. To the right behind Garnesh you can see the Rotunda Roundhouse in front of which is the Big Bench to enjoy the lunchtime sunshine. Heading back to the entrance is another spirit house with The Red Zone (Passia) which is directly opposite the front entrance to the family home which brings Passion and Purpose to the home.

Two hand sculpted Dragons adorn the entrance to the path on your right, whilst on your left is 9 Dragon Garneshi and the 9 Dragon water feature. Continue on and on your left is the circle of Love with the Buddha standing proud in the sacred serpant ley line. There are too numerous features to be described that can be enjoyed here in Blissland. We hope you get the most out of your personal tour.

Cheshire Events

Yoga Retreats

Where ley lines meet, the natural sanctuary of Blissland, with its inspiring landscapes, creates the perfect environment for your yoga practice. Blissland has a skilled team of yoga instructors offering inspirational yoga retreats of a variety of different yoga styles.

Rejuvenation, realignment and recuperation

As a home for rejuvenation, realignment and recuperation Blissland is second to none. Our testimonials state how inspired and blessed visitors feel to have been here. All events are scrutinized to ensure they help provide a real community of unity towards health, harmony and happiness. Your first visit won’t be your last, but your memories will surely last forever.

Ceremonies and Ritual

Blissland is created around an Ancient Celtic Sacred Well and the accumulated energy from centuries of prayer, ceremonies and rituals which create a powerful meditative magic to the Blissland landscape.

You can join ceremonies and ritual for a deeper experience. At Blissland you can explore a variety of meditation styles to either develop a regular practice or to deepen your existing practice.

Experience this in person

Get involved at one of our ceremonies, come along to one of our events!

Cheshire Events

Venue Booking

If you’re hosting an event and would like to hold it here at Blissland, please use the following form tell us a little about yourself and to check availability.